All of us on this earth, regardless of our background, culture, economic status or place of origin, are in the SAME BOAT heading toward destruction or we are in the SAME BOAT working to rescue those who do not know or understand.


The Lozuks

We both grew up bilingual, Paul as a missionary kid in Venezuela and Delia in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We were married in 2004 and lived a fairly …read more

Same Boat Ministries

People ask, “Why Same Boat Ministries?”  When God prompted Delia & me to go to Venezuela, He gave me a new perspective of the world.  I began to see …read more



What’s New

It has been a while since we wrote anything on our blog site. Technology has advanced, but we are slow to catch up. Often, we find ourselves in places (like Venezuela), where we do not have the Internet, electricity or other tools required to get information out online. So much has happened. Our first four …

Growing Yaracuy

This is one of the extension missions in the State of Yuracuy. They are led by 4 students that graduated self-sustaining course. They are growing their own foos, while working with Iglesia Bautista Trono de Dios to evangelize those living nearby.