Providing For the Helpless

When living in a collapsed economy, we are faced with a new challenge every day.  We met a pastor and his wife who have taken charge of feeding 125 children in a devastated neighborhood not far from the camp.  They have no water at all and transport water in containers for drinking, cooking and other needs.  The pastor heard that we deal with water wells and purifying water, so he asked us to come help.  They have tried to dig a well with shovels but failed.  The ground is too hard.

Our team is helping them to dig a new well, using a technique learned in Paint Rock, Texas.  The water is 35-50 feet down and they managed 10 feet the first day in 5 hours.  Our plan is to work with them to complete the well.  Now we are wondering how we can help them feed the children.  This same situation can be found almost anywhere we go.  It is an overwhelming task, but our God is able.  

Looking for the right spot to drill for water
Setting up the drilling equipment
Drilling for water
The driller
The horsepower
Cleaning out the well
The helpers
The children watching
The pastor in charge of the children using water filter from the Texas Baptist Men
Children amazed at clean water
Some have never seen clean water
Preparing food for the children
House in the background made from light fixtures and tin
They would like to build a church on this property

This experience is leading us to think about feeding children. More on this in a future blog.

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