Aselsi Bible Training

Delia & I met Mike & Terri McComb a few years back.  They invited us to Chichicastenango, Guatemala to visit the ASELSI Bible-training school they have run for over 20 years.  Through ASELSI, they offer various levels of spiritual education.  This teaching has spread all over Guatemala, into Mexico and other countries in Central and South America.  This has led to thousands of graduates able to share sound Bible doctrine and many thousands led to Christ. 

ASELSI founder John Harvey, along with Mike & Terri McComb in Chichicastenango, Guatemala
ASELSI holds a yearly conference at their headquarters in Guatemala
Some of the ASELSI leaders from different countries

Mike & Terri, along with founder John Harvey, invited us to take the ASELSI training system into Venezuela.  In March, 2017, we graduated our first class of 11 students at the Baptist Camp.  Mike brought 4 members of his team from Guatemala for that graduation.  Four of the graduates, Anthony Rojas and his wife Leida, and Francelis Lunar and his wife Delia, began an ASELSI course on the Island of Margarita.  In December, 2018, my wife Delia & I flew to Margarita to attend the graduation of 21 new students, all now certified to teach the course to others. 

Mike McComb and his team from Guatemala visit the Genesis Project at the Baptist Camp
ASELSI school director Eman Perez along with Mike Mccomb and other members of their team attend our first graduation ceremony at the Baptist Camp
The first graduating ASELSI class in Venezuela

Anthony & Leida left Venezuela with their kids in 2018, but Francelis & Delia have now started another basic class of students and many of the graduates from December have moved on to the next level of study with ASELSI.  God is forming new empowered disciples in Venezuela thru ASELSI.

Francelis and wife Delia teaching the ASELSI basic course on the Island of Margarita
Some of the ASELSI group on Margarita
First graduating class on Margarita

This week we started a new ASELSI basic group study at the Baptist Camp.  These students are from the States of Anzoategui and Monagas.  When they graduate, they will be certified to teach the ASELSI course to others.  ASELSI is Matthew 28:19-20 in action. 

New ASELSI students at the Baptist Camp

We are grateful to God for blessing us with this excellent material and for Mike & Terri and those who run the school in Chichicastenango.  We are also grateful to God for each of you who pray for us and support the work done here in Venezuela.

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