New Testaments for Soldiers

You have done a lot over the last 3 years to help us improve the situation here at the camp.  The International Mission Board and the Baptist Global Response have also made major contributions to the electric systems, the water system and the lighting.  People walk long distances to come get water from the camp.  At night we have lighting when the surrounding neighborhoods are without electricity.  This has created numerous opportunities for us to be able to meet people and share the Gospel. 

Because of these advantages, we have had approximately 200 soldiers staying here at the camp for the last 10 days.  They have been part of a training exercise with another battle group located nearby.  This morning before they left, we obtained permission from their leaders and with the help of the local Gideons, were able to hand out New Testaments to all the soldiers and their leaders.  We were also able to share a brief message based on John 14:1-6. 

Sharing John 14:1-6 with the troops
Amazing how God works.
Only God can produce an audience like this
Soldiers receiving God’s Word
Sharing God’s Word at the camp
Planting new seed
There are no barriers for God
Praying for the soldiers before they depart
Soldiers with their new Gideon New Testaments

Please know that your prayers and support are making a difference in the lives of many.  God has control over all that happens here in Venezuela.  He just asks all of us to take a chance and do what we can. He does the rest. 

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  1. Good works wonders in spreading the Gospel that we can’t even imagine! So glad you and the people at the camp were able to share the good news in this way.

    1. Larry: Thank you. We need your help to get more people involved in the Venezuela mission. Please help us share this information thru the website with others.

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