Water Purification

Under the current situation here in Venezuela, potable water is scarce and many people, especially children and the elderly, suffer greatly from the effects of drinking contaminated water.  Part of our training at the Genesis Project is to teach the volunteer missionaries about contaminated water and how to purify water. 

One of the courses involves building BioSand filters.  These filters remove impurities that make people sick.  After the course, these filters are donated to schools, hospitals and churches.  We try to find areas where there are concentrations of children, the sick and the elderly.  Every time we donate a filter, we are given the opportunity to share the Gospel. 

Building BioSand filters with our students
The finished product
Delivering a BioSand filter to a school
Sharing clean water ideas and Christ with students.
Teaching clean water ideas to students
The children looking at their new filter.
Teaching the use of the new BioSand filter to the children and staff
Some of our volunteers and students

We have also been blessed by the Texas Baptist Men with various types of portable water filters.  We give these to people in disadvantage areas where they often have no water service in their homes and are forced to obtain water for their daily needs from questionable sources.  These opportunities also give us an opening to speak to people about Jesus. 

Preparing to demonstrate a bag filter system to purify water

Explaining water purification to neighbors at a church.
Preparing to hand out bag water filters
Teaching clean water ideas at a church
Teaching the use of bag water filters
Children and adults learning how to avoid contaminated water thru the use of bag filters
Handing out bag filters to the neighbors and congregation
Handing out water filters
Handing out water filters
Solutions for contaminated water

Over the last 3 years, God has given our instructors and students many opportunities to share Christ with hundreds of people in the States of Merida, Portuguesa and Carabobo.  There are now over 150 graduates from the Genesis Project sharing physical and spiritual solutions in remote places around Venezuela and the borders of Colombia and Brazil.   Your prayers and donations have made this possible.  Thank you. 

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