Venezuela Update 4.26.19

Dear Friends:
Our ministry in Venezuela continues to adapt to the changing conditions here. The Lord has asked Delia & me to be involved in the development of a training center at the Baptist Camp near Valencia. He has blessed the work of our hands and the volunteers that work with us. Up to date over 150 students have gone thru our 90-day training program, with special emphasis on food and water production, water purification, beekeeping, hygiene/health and church planting.
May 27, 2019, we will have been at the camp for 3 years. Each year the Lord has used people like you to help us improve the facilities and purchase equipment we need to become more efficient. In a chaotic world, the Lord has given us a place of peace and allowed us to share Bible principles that offer spiritual and physical solutions to people in trouble.
Now we see an increase in demand for our services and a clear vison of what needs to be done next. Our goal for 2019 will be to build better facilities to house and feed our staff and students and visiting groups coming to render aide, evangelize and implement work projects to rescue the people of this nation. Attached are some architectural drawings.
We now have an updated and simplified website ( that allows for us to interact with you thru blogs, share pictures, videos and information and receive your support. Please check this out, as this site will be a vital link to you in the future. We also need your help to share with others interested in missions about what the Lord is doing in Venezuela.
There are two basic needs we are providing thru our Genesis Project:
1. We are fulfilling Matthew 28:19-20 by training disciples in spiritual matters
2. We are equipping these same disciples with practical solutions to the economic problems facing this nation. These include lack of food, clean water and basic medicines.
Thank you for your trust in God and in us, for your prayers and support. You are all co-partners in the work we do in Venezuela.
Paul & Delia

Plans for new building for students and staff
Ground Floor
Top Floor

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  1. GOD is our rock and our shield! Praise Him for all the good works being accomplished there! Good looking Blog post, Paul!

    1. Eric: Thank you. Now I am trying to figure out how to keep all my blogs visible on the website. Sorry, I am still a neanderthal. At the moment I can only see 3 of the blog posts when I open the website. Can you help?

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